"All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players..."

Welcome to the
Dearborn Area Theatre Association!


The 35th Annual 
(Dearborn Area Theatre Association "Tony" Awards)

previously scheduled for Tuesday, 
May 19th, 2020 at 7:30pm
at the Michael Guido Theater
The Ford Community and Performing Arts Center
due to COVID-19 pandemic
has been re-scheduled
for May, 2022 to celebrate season 2021/22.

Who we are...

The Dearborn Area Theatre Association (or DATA) is an organization founded for the purpose of supporting and encouraging community and scholastic theatre.  At the end of each theatre season, awards for recognition in artistic achievement and excellence are given within the membership.

2021 / 2022 Executive Board:

President: Greg Phillip Viscomi (DHS and WSTP)

Vice President: Joan Arrick (Independent)

Secretaries: Lasca Smith (CHS)

Treasurer: Cynthia Frabutt (YAPP)

Adjudication Chair: TBD - formerly: Wendy Balaka (IND)
Adjudication Training Coordinator: Greg Phillip Viscomi
Scholarship Chair: Cynthia Frabutt
DATA Awards Producer: Greg Phillip Viscomi

Student Design Awards and Summer Youth in Theatre Chair: Cynthia Frabutt
Membership Chair: Emily Gedert-Kaltz (Independent),
Hall of Fame Chair: Joan Arrick (Independent),
Random Acts of Theatre Producer: 2017, 2018, 2019/20 - Cynthia Frabutt
Tim Carney (PGD),
Diane Kaplan (Independent),
Paul Abbott (Divine Child High School),

Bobbie Justice (Edsel Ford High School),
Robert Doyle (Edsel Ford High School),
Lasca Smith (Crestwood High School),
Graham Dallas (Independent).

Emeritus - Chuck Hiller (Independent),

2021/2022 High School Student Reps:
Charlotte Karoub (DHS), Avery McKelvey (DCHS),
  Jamie Paschke (CHS), Giana Lerini (EFHS)

Member Organizations:

The Players Guild of Dearborn (PGD)

The West Side Theatre Project (WSTP)

Young Actors' Performance Project (YAPP)

Scholastic Member Organizations:

Crestwood High School (CHS)

Dearborn High School (DHS)

Divine Child High School (DCHS)

Edsel Ford High School (EFHS)

What we do...

The DATA Awards (Formerly the PAGE (Press & Guide Entertainment) Awards: celebration is held annually in May, after the local theatre season ends. The DATA theatre season runs from May 1st to April 30th.  This annual celebration has become an evening of recognition, awarding outstanding achievements made by members of both adult member theatre organizations and local academic thespian organizations.  Through an impartial process, adjudications are performed by trained member and independent volunteers. After the production is scored by the adjudicator, the form is sent to an independent agent.  Over the year, scores are tallied and are eventually averaged together.   Nominees with the highest point average in each category are announced in early May by the The Dearborn Press and Guide Newspaper.  The final winners are then awarded at the annual DATA Award celebration,  which is a gala event open to the public.  Categories recognize Outstanding Achievement and cover various aspects which range from acting and directing to all of the technical portions of theatrical production.  
In 2020 DATA would have celebrated 35 years of DATA awards and the 30th anniversary of Hall of Fame inductions. DATA did not host an award ceremony in 2020 nor 2021 due to the novel Corona COVID-19 Viral Pandemic.  Awards were given to member organizations recognizing the first half of the 2019/2020 season in July of 2020 along with high school scholarships and HOF awards.  DATA plans to host the 35th DATA Awards Ceremony in May of 2022 and will recognize those scholarship students of 2020 and 2021 and HOF recipients as well as scholarship recipients of 2022 and productions of 2021/2022.

Hall of Fame: This award recognizes an individual whose continuing efforts, special achievements and significant involvement has made an impact on theatre in the Dearborn / Dearborn Heights community.  All nominations for the Hall of Fame are due no later than April 1st.

DATA Theatre Scholarships: The DATA board is ready to award scholarships!  Applications need to be mailed in by April, 2022.

DATA is a proud member of the Dearborn Community Arts Council.

Please look at their website for community events: