"All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players..."

Hall of Fame

The 2020 inductees into the

Dearborn Area Theatre
Hall of Fame
Jennifer McPherson
Wayne David Parker


Don Bean (2019)

Marc Walentowicz (2018)

Richard Moore (2017)

David Reynolds II (2016)

Valerie Haas (2015)

Cheryl Cseke (2014)
Inducted Posthumously

Brian Townsend (2013)

Gordon Mosley (2012)

Ray Alcodray (2011)

Phillip A. Mark (2010)
Inducted Posthumously

Clemence* and Floyd Bell (2009)
*Inducted Posthumously

Irja Connolly (2008)*

Greg Phillip Viscomi (2007)

Joan Arrick (2006)

Bob Ballard (2005)
Inducted Posthumously

George Peppard (2004)
Inducted Posthumously

LaMarr Fields (2003)*

Richard Marsh (2002)
Inducted Posthumously

Helen Liljegren (2001)

Jane Lewy (2001)

Diana Reynolds (2000)

Karen Pritchard (2000)

Irene Malin (1999)*

Kim Donovan (1999)

Lewis Sequin (1998)

Lisa Andres (1998)

Steve Gautreau (1997)

Paul Bruce (1997)

Ron Diehl (1996)

Edythe DeGrazia (1996)

William Rumley (1996)

Mary Lila Zang (1996)*

Harry Wetzel (1995)

Nancy Wolter (1995)

Dr. George Popovich (1995)

Dr. Frank Jakes (1995)*

George Bingham (1994)*

Tashi Georgoff (1994)*

Charles A. Hiller (1994)

Kathi Bush (1994)

Elna Johnson (1993)*

Richard Drew (1993)*

Jean Drew (1993)*

Anne Bleecker (1993)

Dianne Bernick (1993)

Iris Becker (1993)*

Floyd Arnold (1993)*

Art Widrig (1992)*

B. J. Sholtz (1992)

David Reynolds, Sr. (1992)*

Gregory Olszewski (1992)

Robert L. Jones (1992)

Irene (Schweyer) Hublick (1992)

Richard Bulleri (1992)

Gene Reynolds (1991)

Frances McCans (1991)

Kenneth Hanson (1991)

P. Michael Foye (1991)

David Du Chene (1991)

Mary Bremer (1991)

Jaqueline Bacus (1991)

Richard A. Zimmerman (1990)

Douglas Neil Brown (1990)*

Sam Jungerman (1990)*

Dr. Joseph French (1990)*

Dale Van Dorp (1990)*

Robert Oris (1990)*

Emily Cato (1990)*



The Dearborn Area Theatre Association (DATA) is currently accepting letters of nomination for the 2019 Dearborn Theatre Hall of Fame Award from interested members of the community.
The Theatre Hall of Fame Award was originally conceived by the late Richard Marsh.

Mr. Marsh was the longtime entertainment editor of the Dearborn Press and Guide and was also the originator of the annual evening of local theatrical recognition, the PAGE (Press and Guide Entertainment) Awards.  The Hall of Fame Award, which is a special honor, was started by Richard Marsh in 1990.  It has been continuously presented by DATA since Mr. Marsh's own posthumous induction by DATA in 2002.  Given at the annual DATA/PAGE Award night, the Hall of Fame Award recognizes the lifetime achievement of persons who continue to be, or have been, significantly involved in theatre in the Dearborn/Dearborn Heights community.
Nominations can be made by sending a letter of recommendation to the DATA Hall of Fame Committee Chair, c/o:  Joan Arrick.
Letters of nomination must detail the years of service of the individual nominated, and speak to the depths of that individual's involvement in theatre.  It should explain those specific areas in which that nominee excelled locally, as well as describe the variety of other significant work or positions held.  Deadline for submission is April 1, 2019.  One nomination is allowed per submission per person or organization.
Questions, contact Joan Arrick at: